New Tracker Future

We recently started a new tracking feature on our website. You will be able to see when your goods arrive in CT and JHB and then again in WHK and when it goes out for delivery. All you have to do is log into your account, type in the dates, click on the waybill number and you will see the location or if you don’t have an account you can track it by waybill number.


Welcome to our Website

Namcon Logistics is your flexible partner for overland freight transport. We ensure reliable and efficient transportation for customers of all sizes. Founded in 2003, Namcon Logistics is regarded as a reliable, efficient transport company in South Africa. We’re a privately owned company enjoying a solid financial record. Head Office in Cape Town and branches in Johannesburg and Windhoek Namibia.

We have partnered with most of Namibia and South Africa’s largest multinational brands, businesses and appreciate the respect and relationships they place on our service in their value chain.